Working with biological agents and genetically modified organisms

On this page you will find information on how to work with biological agents. 

Before entering the laboratory

Forstå hvordan man arbejder i lab



Lab journal 






Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

When working in lab KalA0.04 and KalA0.08 never enter before getting a thorough introduction. Always wear the available blue lab coats and wash your hands when entering the lab. 

Særlig tilladelse 

All work with GMO are classified within four classes, ranging from one to four depended on the risk related to the organism. In our facilities only GMO class 1 are allowed. If you want to work with GMO always consult with an instructor beforehand. 


After ended work your workarea must be cleaned. This requires a chemical disinfection off the workarea. All glassware used during the work must also be disinfected and afterwards placed in the biohazard mark bin before being transported to the dishwash. All waste must be managed as described below. When you are to leave the lab, the lab coat is to be put back on its hanger, and your hands must be washed. 

All waste containing any sort of microorganism is considered live biological waste and most be disposed as such. In our labs this means that liquid material must be chemical disinfected before being disposed. All solid waste has to be disposed in clinical waste bins marked with a biohazard sign. 


Cleaning procedure

GMO safety procedure

Chemical risk assessment and working place assessment (DK: Kemisk risikovurdering og arbejdspladsvurdering)

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