Ordering laboratory supplies

The process off ordering any supplies for the labortory follows a few guidelines which you will be apple to find on the following page. In most cases the most simple way to place an order is to contact the course responsible. 

Ordering chemicals

When ordering chemicals it is important you understand the associated risks with the certian chemical before ordering. When you have read and understood the SDS consult with the course responsible teacher regarding the quality, amount and concentration. If you come to an agreement on ordering the chemical then contact one off the purcase responsible to get an estimated price and placing of the order. 

A good approach is to always start by checking the availebilty in Kemibrug before ordering. Remember that several chemicals can have more variants depending on the structure which can be substituted, therefore always check several CAS numbers or search combinations. If the chemical is avalible on campus it is also a good pratice to check the remaining amount.

Always remember that a chemical risk assessment is required before the chemical is ordered. It is always your own responsibility to create the chemical risk assessment, the responsibilty off appoval is placed on your assigned course instructor.  

Ordering biological agents

When ordering biological agents the process is determined by the type of agent, depending on if it is a biological agent or a GMO agent. 

Biological agents:

KalA0.04, KalA0.06, KalA0.07 and KalA0.08 are laboratories suited to work with biological agents. The highest classification allowed is Class 2 agents (Class 2 agents are not allowed in GMO laboratories), meaning they are considered pathogenic. Therefore you are always required to do a risk assessment before ordering any biological agents. Always consult with an instructor before starting a project.   


KalA0.04 and KalA0.08 is classified as GMO Class 1 laboratories, and you are therefore allowed to work with GMO agents within class 1. Before starting a GMO projekt always consult with a GMO instructor. You are requried to do a risk assessment before placing the order, and depending on the scale off the project an offical application to a relevant danish authority may be requried. When starting a GMO projekt a good advice is always to start all considerations well in advance. 

Please note that GMO agents stored at -80c only are allowed in the assigned rack in KalA0.05. All other GMO is to be stored in the GMO classified labs. Before moving a GMO agents from or to KalA0.05 please check if a spill kit is presant incase off a spill. 

Delivery of chemicals

When chemicals arrive at Campus they will first be handled by the labortory management staff. This process ensures the right chemiclas are delivered, they are registered and the right safety documents are storred. 

When a delivery arrives it is important that chemicals are directly handed over to an appropiate staff. 

Delivery note is checked and handed over to an appropiate staff.

When the chemical get registered at Campus it will be assigned a storage shelf, the material safety data sheet will be stored digitally, this is handled through Kemibrug.

Delivery of temperatur sensitive supplies

Always check the boxes and delivery notes on deliveries for information regarding storage to ensure the longevity off the product.


For questions regarding purchases related to the laboratories please contact:

Emilie Hjorth Ceylan ( - Approval of obtained offer 

Kim Blanksø Pedersen ( - Approval of purchases and ordering

Susan Bang ( - Ordering and supplier contact  


For purchases exceeding 50.000,- dkk without VAT Facility Service is required to be informed and serveral offers must be gathered.