BDF - Biotechology Dialog Forum

BDF is a forum that enables involvement of the students in the development and quality assurance of the study programme. We do this by being a forum for discussions, active listening and honesty. 

BDF is a common forum for engineering students, lecturers, and programme management. We aim to have meetings tree times per semester.

Subjects of relevance for the BDF could be study start, courses, semesterplan, exams, student life, campus environment, Absalon library, course evaluations etc. etc. 

BSF members

Student members

Balthazar Peter Hvolris (IKS23)

Thomas Sødring Gundersen Trebbien (IKS23)

Alexandra Wiktoria Rzewuska (IKIS23)

Emils Viksna (IKIS23)

Emma Brage Jensen (IKS22)

Kasper Nicolaisen (IKS22)

Caue Semin Roehe (IKIS22)

Justyna Anna Kowalczyk (IKIS22)

Ariadna Perez Montero (IKIS21)

Casper Blak Walther (IKIS21)

Biotech management and staff representatives

Emilie Hjorth Ceylan

Samuel Walsh

Simon Craige

Programme management

Tomas Bech Madsen

ESF meeting no. 11 (September 23, 2021)

Want to join BSF?

Each class can have up to two representatives in the BSF. 

If you have been selected as your class representative then write an e-mail to management consultant Tomas Bech Madsen (