Study Start International Honours Degree in Teaching

Dear student to be

In a short while, you will enter a new chapter of your life
and we cannot wait to become part of it.

You have been accepted to an education in which the profession is the heart, but you will also be part of a campus that is full of study life, opportunities and a beating pulse.

On this page you will find a number of information regarding you study start.

Kind regards
Peter Thystrup
Head of Studies

Study start (week of introduction) is Monday 28 August at 9.00 – tutors will show you to your class room 

Address: Campus Vordingborg, Kuskevej 1B,4760 Vordingborg

Week of introduktion in week 35

We will begin with a week of introduction week when a group of tutors will help you off to a good start. You will get to meet your future lecturers, se your weekly schedule and hear about how to prepare yourself for class and so much more. The week of introduction has a programme every day from 9-15. At the end of the week, there will be an event for new teacher and social education students Friday 1 September at 18.00.

Your schedule

The regular schedule starts in week 36. You will study English and pedagogical subjects. Later on, your teaching experience will start and you will be connected to some of the schools, we cooperate with. 
Just before the start of the semester, you will received the precise schedule, the lesson plans for the different subjects etch on our learning platform, itslearning. 
The teaching takes place during the hours 8.30-16.00


In the intro material you were given a schedule you had to fill in.

Have you filled it in, otherwise it´s now - heir.



If you lack the formal qualifications to certain subjects

The subjects offered as minors require formal qualifications to attend. If you desire a certain subject and do not have the qualifications, you attend a course of qualification which will give you access if you pass the test at the end of the course. We offer courses that can give access to the following subjects during your 1st semester:

● Art

● Physical Education

● Science

● French

● German

You are welcome to attend eventhough you may have the formal qualifications but with to practice or prepare yourself. Please inform the coordinator, Dorte Palm, if you would like to attend one of the courses.

The study start test

The purpose of the study start test is to give you a good start to your education. 

During the test you will meet guidelines, links, videos and small tests that will enable you to move around the various digital platforms of the education. The test will give you information about courses and inform you about the social life and community of the education including student boards. 

During the introduction week, time will be provided to work with the test. Thus, you are not required to respond to the questions before the introduction days. You will receive the link to the test in your student mail.

The study start test is not a test which is part of the subject of education, and you will pass merely by completing the test. 

It is, however, very important that you complete the test within the given deadline as we will otherwise have to omit you from the education.

Literature and portable computer

Information about literature and study plan will be provided in the various subject rooms in itslearning.

Lecturers from the various subjects will join you during the introduction week and inform you about the subjects and which literature to aquire.

In addition, you can always ask the lecturer during the first lessons.

The teacher education does not have set lists of literature. The lecturers decide which literature to study each semester.

To participate, it is essential to have a portable computer.

Professionshøjskolen Absalon has an agreement with Microsoft to offer all students a Microsoft Office package. Find more information here or ask a tutor: 

Gratis Microsoft Office på Windows | IT for studerende | IT vejledninger på Absalon (

Structure, yearly plan and days of closure

During the week of introduction, we will introduce you to the structure and choices of subjects to be made.

In addition to national bank holidays, there are no lectures during the following periods of time,:

Week 42 – Autumn holiday

The days between Christmas and New Year

Monday – Wednesday before Easter

Friday after Ascension day

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have a Winter holiday at the teacher education


Schedule for the fall E23




Teaching experience

The teacher education comprises periods of teaching experience each of the years of study. Already during your first semester there will be a period of teaching experience with one day a week at the same school followed by four weeks at the same school.

Coordinators will establish the groups of students for each school and make the arrangements with the relevant schools.

Do you have any questions?

For urgent questions which cannot wait, please contact

Important dates and practical information from the links below:

Credit – As part of your admission, we assess whether you are eligible for credit for parts of your education. This is based on the information provided in your application. If you are granted credit , you will be informed of before study start. If you are not granted credit, you will be informed no later than October 1st.
Contact if you have questions about credit.

All campuses at Absalon are non smoking! This means no smoking in or outside regardless of whether it is a school day or a party at night. This means all types of tobacco or tobacco like products (including E-cigarets, chewing tobacco or snuff) with the exception of medication to help stop smoking (e.g. nicotine chewing gum)

Looking forward to meeting you