What is Goin'?

Goin' is a social community app for international students at University College Absalon focusing on social activities in a safe environment. 

You can use Goin' to connect with other international students at Absalon and expand your network before arriving at Absalon. You can use the app to join themed groups relevant for your stay at University College Absalon e.g. housing, sports clubs, student life, events, nightlife etc. You can also create your own group fitting your interests and connect with other students with the same interest as you. 

Goin' makes it easier for you to explore the city you are studying in and get relevant information about your study programme at Absalon. In that way Goin' will ease your transition to student life in Denmark and provide you with an opportunity to connect with other students who are in the same situation as you.     

As a new student you will receive an invitation link to Goin’ when you receive the acceptance letter from us. All you need to do then is to download the app, set up your profile and join the Absalon community. 

If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ below, you can reach out to Absalon's International Office at 


Who is part of Goin'?

The other members in the app are other students at University College Absalon from the full degree programmes Engineering in Biotechnology in Kalundborg and International Honours Degree in Teaching in Vordingborg.

What can I find information about in the app?

You can find more information about the student life at Absalon and discover the city you are studying in.

Who can I connect with?

You can connect with students from the same programme or country as yours or with students who have the same interests as you.

How can I join the groups?

When you click on the group name you will enter the group where you can read more about it and choose to join the group. When you have joined the group, it will move to the tap “Chat” where you can communicate with the other members of the group.

Can I create my own group?

Yes, you can choose to create your own group in the tap “Groups”.

Can I see the other group members before joining the group?

No, you can only see the other group members when you have joined a group.

How do I become the Goin’ gold member?

The achievements that appear on the profile page, are the ones you need to accomplish to get a Gold profile. 

How to get Goin'

Step 1:
Find the invitation link to Goin' in your email and register online.

Step 2:
Download the app for Apple og Android on your phone.

Step 3:
Login, connect and create your profile. Say where you are from, what degree you are studying, your interests and hobbies and upload a profile picture.

Step 4:
Join groups, connect with other students and get more information in the discover tap.