What is it like to be a student at a Professional Bachelor's Program?

At University College Absalon we offer 12 Professional Bachelor's Programmes:

Public Administration, Nursing, Nutrition and Health, Biomedical Laboratory Science, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Teacher Education, Social Education, Social Work, Mechanical engineering and Biotechnology.

Throughout all the programmes, our goal is to prepare you for a work life that makes demands on your independence and drive. A worklife that entails responsibilities and requires you to be a good practitioner with an extensive theoretical knowledge.

In order to be well-equipped to pratice your profession, theoretically and practically, the programmes are arranged in a way that requires study activity for 37 hours a week.

We prepare you for independence and challenges
A Professional Bachelor's Programme consists of various learning activities: classroom lessons, practical/clinical placements or internships, group and project-based work and preparation at home, individually and in study groups.

It is not only during classroom lessons that you need to make an effort. Active participation in all the learning activitives ensures a solid professional foundation to handle future working days with challenges, independent decision making and responsibility.

Assistance and advice during your studies
As a student, you are responsible for your own learning. But assistance and advice is always available if you are facing difficulties in your student life.

At University College Absalon you will meet dedicated teachers, who will guide you in developing as a student throughout the programme.
You can talk to our student advisors when you need help with your study skills and course of studies, as well as in case of personal problems or examination anxiety.

The Student Council (De Studerendes Råd, DSR) can assist if you require information about your rights as a student, and if you need advice on how to initiate student activities.

Values and guidelines for a good study environment
A good study environment is vital to your well-being and learning. At University College Absalon we have a set of values and guidelines to support a good study environment in which everyone contributes to a safe and pleasant atmosphere.   

Please consult our guidelines and process diagram for good behaviour at University College Absalon for further information.  

We look forward to meeting you at University College Absalon!

5 Pieces of Advice

  1. Find out what is the best way for you to learn new things.  
  2. Engage yourself in social activities. Use the campus environment, and establish a social network from the beginning of your studies.
  3. Engange yourself academically - follow debates and topics that are relevant to your programme and future profession.
  4. Establish a balance between student life and everything else. It is important that studies, friends, family, work and leisure all adds up.
  5. Seek out advice and use your study network if you are having a hard time.
Information about Denmark
Information about Denmark
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