Student card

You need a student card when you attend University College Absalon. As soon as possible after you begin your studies,  you should have your picture taken in the photo booth at your campus (the Student Service office can direct you to the photo booth). In order to take a picture, you must log on with you University College Absalon username and password. Once you have had your picture taken, a student card will be prepared and sent to you.
The student card is free of charge, however, if you lose your card, a new one costs DKK 100. You can order a new student card from Facility Service at your campus.

Your student card has several important functions:

  • Copy card for photocopying. Go to to put money on your print and copy account.
  • Key card. At most University College Absalon's facilities, your student card also functions as a key card that you can use to access buildings outside ordinary opening hours.
  • ID card. Your student card is personal and non-transferable. You may occasionally be asked to present your student card, so make sure to carry it with you at all times.