IT and itslearning

University College Absalon has a number of different IT systems and tools that you will use throughout your study; itslearning beeing the most important. Here is a short guide to get you started with itslearning, links to relevant tutorials and who to contact if you have questions or problems. 

itslearning - Absalon's digital learning platform

Itslearning is Absalons learning management system. Here you will find your scheduled activities, course overview and materials. It is also where you communicate with your teachers and your fellow students. From itslearning you have direct access to:

  • Studienet is where you will find relevant information about your program and courses, Student services and Student counselling, information about your campus, IT guides, shortcuts relevant IT systems and much more.
  • Hjælp (help) is where you'll find step-by-step instructions on using itslearning
  • Mail is where you have direct access to your Absalon mail. Here you'll receive important information about your education.

You will automatically get access to your course in itslearing and your scheduled activities 15 days before your course begins. If you would like to see your schedule activities earlier, you will have to use the timemangement system TimeEdit. How to find your schedule in TimeEdit.

How to log on

You log on to itslearning via with your Absalon login. You received these credentials in your welcome letter. How to log on to Absalon's systems.

If you have trouble logging in you can try to reset your Absalon login. Change or reset your Absalon login.

If you still have trouble logging in you should contact Helpdesk.

If you cannot find your course in itslearning contact Student Services. Find your local Student service here (temporary danish link).

Get started with itslearning

We have compiled a series of short tutorials to help you get started with itslearning. Get started with itslearning

The first thing you want to do is change the language. Change the language in itslearning.

If you are curious about how your specific program uses itselarning, contact your student counselors/tutors or your teachers.

If you have any problems with itslearning, contact Helpdesk

Do you want to know more?

On the IT and support page under Student Help you will find tutorials and shortcuts to relevant IT systems and who to contact with questions or problems. 

Your username and password for the IT systems

You have been sent a personal username and password  to access the University College Absalon IT systems. With this you can log onto the wireless network at your campus and access your University College Absalon e-mail and itslearning, the digital learning platform.

This means that you have just one username and password for all the University College Absalon systems. If you wish to change your password, go to
Please make sure to bring your username and password with you during the first week of classes.

Where to get help 

This site contains all kinds of useful information as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Facility services

Provides daily support at campus. Facility service helps with log-in problems, print problems, interactive boards, projectors and much more

Find your local Facility Service


Help desk handles problems with login, network, print, wireless network, etc. You can contact Helpdesk by phone Monday-Friday at. 8 am to 3 pm or by mail.

Phone: 7248 1111 // Mail:

Remember to provide use your Absalon email, make a precise title in the subject field and a description of the problem, and we will help you as soon as possible. Only one issue by mail please.

Get itslearning as an app!

itslearning is available as an app. Here you can access your scheduel, messages, materiales and much more directly from your phone or tablet. You can find itslearning on the App Store and Google Play.

Guide to installing itselearning app