Libraries at University College Absalon

There are libraries at all University College Absalon campuses. Our libraries contain specialist literature on subjects such as social science, health and nutrition, gastronomy, ergonomics, nursing, sciences, medicine and education.

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Quick facts about the libraries:

Our online catalogue
In our online catalogue you will find all the library materials. If a book is on loan, it is possible to make a reservation.

Loan period
The normal loan period is 1 month for books and journals. If a book has not been reserved by another user, you can renew the loan for a month at a time. The maximum loan period is typically 3 months. You renew the books through our online catalogue.

Reference collection
These books are only for use on the premises. You need permission from the staff to make copies or use the books outside the library.

We have subscriptions for more than 400 paper as well as online journals. Some of the issues are placed on the display shelf and other issues are available for loan. Some of the older back issues can be stored in the archives; please ask the staff for help.

Opening hours
See our opening hours at the local branch library.
The library is closed during weekends and on national holidays.

You have access to computers and the Internet at the libraries.

Tips for Success

  • Make sure you have an e-mail address listed in your library account.
  • Feel free to contact library staff if you have any questions. We are here for you.
  • Plan ahead - it may take a while to get material that is checked out or not owned by University College Absalon libraries.
  • Ask library staff if you can not find what you want.
  • Make sure that you know the due dates when you check out material. If no one else wants the book you can easily renew it on the web.
  • Don not loan your ID or checked-out library books to others.
  • Report lost IDs or library materials to the libraries as soon as possible.

Tutorial to Information Literacy

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