How to study at University College Absalon

In order to complete an exchange semester or a full degree at University College Absalon, you are expected to devote approximately 37 hours a week to your studies. This time will of course not be based exclusively on classroom lessons with a teacher in front of a blackboard.

As a student of higher education, your studies will also be based on project work with other students and preparations at home, individually and in study groups. This means that you will also be required to make an effort outside of a traditional classroom context.

Website information about the study programmes includes a "study activity model" of how the different types of learning are applied to the different courses/modules of your programme.  A study activity model has been prepared for each course/module of your study programme.

Practical/clinical placements or internships

Part of your study activity is completing a practical/clinical placement or internship. This will allow you to apply your aquired theoretical knowledge to a practical context.

When you are enrolled at University College Absalon, you are guaranteed a practical/clinical placement or internship. On each study programme's website, you can see when the practical/clinical placement or internship takes place.

How to receive information

As a student at University College Absalon, most information will be delivered to you electronically. Here you are provided with a short introduction to the different platforms where you will receive information.

Information screens

All University College Absalon locations have information screens. Here you will find information about current events, both at your own campus as well as the other University College Absalon campuses.

University College Absalon e-mail

Your University College Absalon e-mail will also be used to communicate directly with you. You get access to your e-mail by going to Your e-mail address consists of the numbers and letters from your username, followed by
If you username is bn123456, your University College Absalon e-mail address would be

Learning platform "Itslearning"

The digital learning platform at University College Absalon is called Itslearning. Itslearning provides you with access to course materials and information related to your courses and study programme.
You also have to use Itslearning to submit much of your written work. To access Itslearning, go to

Your username and password for the IT systems

You have been sent a personal username and password  to access the University College Absalon IT systems. With this you can log onto the wireless network at your campus and access your University College Absalon e-mail and Fronter, the digital learning platform.

This means that you have just one username and password for all the University College Absalon systems. If you wish to change your password, go to
Please make sure to bring your username and password with you during the first week of classes.

SU for Non-Danish full degree students

Normally, you must be a Danish citizen to be entitled to the Danish Students' Grants and Loans (SU). If you are a foreign citizen, however, you have the possibility of applying for equal status with Danish citizens and thus being approved to receive SU.

Read more about SU as a foreign citizen here.