Study Start at Innovative Health Solutions (IHS)


Dear student

Welcome to the semester in Innovation healtcare solutions (IHS) at University College Absalon. We look forward to welcoming you to Denmark and to the city of Naestved.

The first day September 1 2023, we will meet at 9.30 on Campus Næstved (classroom NæsC005 AUD), Parkvej 190, 4700 Næstved

The first day you will have an introduction to the campus, teachers, student facilities and to the other students in the course. Further information on the first weeks you can find on itsLearning.

On day two, Friday September 2, it is planned that students take a trip with the student buddies. All students can participate, as a social activity, but it is not mandatory. Further information in August on itsLearning and from student buddies.

All students need access to our learning platform, ItsLearning. The international students will get another mail from Absalon with a personal code that enables you to visit ItsLearning.  There you need to find the Innovative health solutions (0109623-101) course. If you have problems with the system, find further information in this helpful tutorial IT tutorials at Absalon (

Danish students should be able to see the course in the end of august, just as the normal courses on itslearning. If for some reason you are not able to find the course, please contact the student-administrator. Be aware that the system will possibly also give you access to the regular- 5th semester, it a default.

Attached you will find the pre-course work, that we expect you to have done before Thursday 1/9. The same material will also be found later on itsLearning (learning-platform).

Schedule - the first two weeks




Thursday 1/9-22

Pre-course and start up

Introduction to the semester


Friday 2/9-22

10.15 – 15.25

Social day

Social day with boat trip



Tuesday 6/9-22

8.30 – 13.20

Intercultural communication

With Agnete Sillesen


Thursday 8/9-22

8.30 – 13.40

Social day

With Peter Johansen


Friday 9/9-22

8.30 – 13.20

Global health

With Peter Johansen


For international students


It is possible to stay at “Skolehjemmet Sneppen”, see information sent for international office. If you have any questions regarding this accommodation please contact Tina Nielsen,, 0045 2523 5781

Skolehjemmet Sneppen
Sneppevej 51-61, 4700 Næstved

Practical placement

For information on your practical placement as part of the IHS semester, please contact the international coordinator for your education. They will assist you in planning and will have all practical information’s for you.

Please remember to bring:

  • MRSA – proof of negative test results if you applied for practice while in Denmark
  • Card or number of your health insurance, and any medicine that you take


Information on MRSA test

International students living outside the Nordic countries who have an internship in Region Zealand:

  • The study for MRSA must involve inoculation from the nose and throat.
  • The test must be performed in the home country.
  • The test must not be older than 1 month. (From arriving in Denmark)
  • The answer must be in English.

Visit Denmark:

Before going to Denmark, you might find interesting information here:

If you have any questions now or later this semester, please feel free to contact me