Molecular biology 2 (2024)

Course manager

Kim Blanksø Pedersen

Semester schedule

Autumn (3-week period in January)



Language of instruction


Course type



Competences corresponding to the participation in the courses, Molecular biology 1 and Enzyme technology - are recommended.


To give an introduction to the function of molecular biological methods for modification and analysis of selected organisms using different methods/techniques. The student will then get an insight into the molecular biology of these methods and analyses’ function.

To give the student an introduction to the requirements of laboratory, instrumentation, reagents, production methods, and -materials. 


  • Bioinformatics, data analysis and statistics
  • qPCR, ddPCR and gene expression
  • NGS DNA sequencing
  • Protein evolution
  • Synthetic biology
  • Metabolic engineering
  • CRISPR/Cas9

The purpose of the laboratory element (corresponding to 3 ECTS) is to illustrate basic techniques within genetic engineering and molecular biological analysis.

Learning targets

On completion of the course, the student is expected to be able to:


  • Describe the physical and chemical basis for the instruments used in DNA/RNA analysis


  • Be able to use basic molecular biological methods for genetic engineering
  • Be able to account for the most important types of genetic engineering and suggest the most suitable for a given case
  • Be able to account for selection of production organisms and cell types
  • Be able to account for methods for the analysis of gene expression
  • Be able to account for the selection of biomarkers


  • Discuss and reflect on selected techniques for genetic engineering
  • Plan, perform and evaluate molecular biological analyses
  • Independently be able to control use of time and resources on the basis of a budget

Teaching method

Seminars and laboratory exercises

Qualifications for examination participation

  • Fulfilment of the requirements for compulsory participation as given in the study programme part 2.4
  • Participation in laboratory-based project work

All shall be executed and submitted pursuant to guidelines set out by the course manager.

Examination and aids

  • Submission of project poster that has been prepared group wise
  • Presentation of the project poster by the group. Duration of presentation: 30 min. 
  • Individual oral examination based on the project poster. Duration of examination: 20 min. pr. student. 

Permitted aids: Project poster. No access to the internet. 

The final grading will be an overall assessment of the poster, the group presentation as a whole and the individual oral examination.




The 7-point grading scale