Learn Danish

Learn Danish – Fast

For over 30 years, Sprogcenter Kalundborg has been successfully helping foreigners obtain good jobs and secure a good life in Denmark

Sprogcenter Kalundborg's Danish courses are for you who want to:

  • learn Danish - or improve your Danish - quickly and efficiently
  • receive highest quality Danish lessons
  • learn Danish in an international study environment.

In your class at Sprogcenter Kalundborg you will meet students who are similar to you in that they have attended school for at least 12 years, they have taken or are taking an education, they speak a language other than their mother tongue, and they speak English and have a good understanding of grammar. When all the students have this in common, everyone learns faster.

We have a fast progression, in that way you will quickly learn to speak and understand Danish. We focus on Danish conversation, as well as writing and we know that correct pronunciation is vital. Our teachers are all experienced teachers who have a university degree in Danish language and in teaching Danish to foreigners.

Many benefits of learning Danish at Sprogcenter Kalundborg:

  • Interesting topics that are relevant to your working life.
  • A plan for your entire Danish course.
  • Courses that fit your needs, e.g. conversation, writing etc.
  • Fellow students who are at the same linguistic level, which means you will learn more.
  • An inspirational study environment, where you can network and get to know other committed foreigners.


Practical Information:

If you want to learn Danish – now or later – please read this information carefully.

If you are an EU citizen, at least 18 years old and live in Denmark, you can take Danish language lessons. To learn more, contact Jobcenter Kalundborg (contact info below)

If you are not an EU citizen, contact Jobcenter Kalundborg to see if you fulfil the requirements for Danish lessons (contact info below)


Whom to contact at the jobcenter

Mustapha Badr

Jobcenter Kalundborg

Torvet 3

4400 Kalundborg

Phone: (+45) 59 53 57 77


Contact information of the language school

Peter Schou

Sprogcenter Kalundborg

Skovbrynet 51

4400 Kalundborg

Phone: (+45) 59 53 57 90



Are you an EU citizen and living in Denmark?

To sign up for Danish language lessons, please bring the following documents to Jobcenter Kalundborg:

  • CPR nummer (the yellow card)
  • Permission to stay in Denmark (EU residence document from the State Administration)


Language classes

Sprogcenter Kalundborg (Language Centre Kalundborg) offers a range of both day and evening classes, with starting dates twice a month.

Contact the school for more information about your options.


The deposit for participation in Danish courses is DKK 2,000, which must be paid before you start.

The Danish Education takes in average 24 months.