Before you arrive to Denmark

We recommend that you hold an international credit card when you arrive in Denmark, so you can pay your rent, food, and other fees until you have a Danish account. You need to obtain a Danish civil registration number, before you can open up a Danish bank account. If you only bring cash, please keep in mind that not all places will accept cash – this especially applies when paying rent.

A place to stay

First of all you need to find a home and get a permanent address. Please be aware that you can’t apply for registration and a CPR number before you have found a place to live.


When you stay in Denmark longer than three months, you must apply for an EU residence document before the end of the three months. The EU residence document is issued by SIRI (The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration). You also need you EU residence document to apply for a danish CPR-number.

Absalon will book an appointment with SIRI in Copenhagen for the new incoming students at Absalon. When you arrive you will get the date.

An average budget for a student living in Kalundborg/Denmark might look like this:

Expenses monthly from student A:

  • Rent: 3800 to 5000 (Room rent depends on size and whether the room is furnished or not)
  • Heating/water: 500
  • Insurance (housing, accident): 120
  • Transport: 200-300
  • Groceries/food: 700-1000
  • Mobile/wifi: 30/200
  • Other (shopping, eating out ect.): 200-500
  • Total: 5.720 to 7.530 dkk. monthly

Expenses monthly from student B:

  • Rent (including heating, water, internet, electricity): 3000 (I split the rent of a 70sqm apartment with another person)
  • Transport: 0 dkk, I mainly use my bike or walk
  • Insurance (housing, accident): 120
  • Groceries/food: 1100
  • Mobil: 60
  • Gym: 200
  • Other (shopping, eating out etc): 600
  • Total: 5.080 dkk. monthly

If you have a student job, you are able to earn some money. After tax, you might get about 4000 to 4500 dkk., by working 12h a week.  Your hourly wage will be between 120 to 165 dkk.

In Denmark, you have to pay a deposit when you move into a room. This deposit is, used to cover the costs of refurbishing the room, when you move out again. In some cases, you can get some of the deposit back if you leave the room in good condition. The deposit can be between 9.000 to 15.000 dkk., depending on how expensive a room, you rent.

It is also a good idea to bring about 400-500 dkk. to buy a used bike when you start at Absalon. This will make your transport to and from Absalon easier. Absalon will help you to buy a bike.



The Danes love sports! Getting involved with a sports club is a great way to expand your social network.

When you arrive you will have a list with some of the opportunities for sports in Kalundborg


After Arrival

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTATION If you are an EU citizen without a Danish CPR. Number, it is important that you before the trip to SIRI fill out the online form OD1. Please find the link her:

  • Just before you finish the online application form, you will get a reference number. You will be able to have it sent to your email. It is very important that you do so or at least, take a picture of the reference number, since you will need it at your SIRI appointment. If you do not have your reference number when visiting SIRI, they cannot help you. The reference number starts with the number 6 and have 7 digits.

Before going to SIRI please make sure you have these documents at hand (all document should be in paper)

  • Your original passport or original national ID-card and a colour copy of this. Bring either your original passport or national ID-card and a copy of same. If you bring your national ID-card the copy must include both sides of the card. If you bring your passport the copy only has to include the page with your photo and the particulars. If your passport/ID card photo is old and doesn’t look like the current you, you have to bring current passport photo. It must be a real photo and not a printout on reg-ular paper. See requirements for the photo here: It is not possible to have your photo taken at SIRI
  • “Declaration regarding support”- The form declaration on self-support – completed and signed by you if you are over the age of 18.
  •  If you are under the age of 18 when arriving to Denmark, your parents must co-sign the “sworn declaration” of the online application form ”OD1. You will be able to print the form, from within OD1, then get it signed and scan it, and upload it to the OD1 form.

CPR registration

After visiting SIRI you are ready to apply for your CPR registration. Absalon will book an appointment with Kalundborg Municipality in Kalundborg for students at Absalon. When you start at Absalon you will get the date.

Bicycles and transportation

The Danes love to bike no matter the weather. Bicycles are easily the most common form of transport in Denmark. The many kilometres of bike lanes in every major city makes this an easy, clean, and secure way of transportation.

If you are interested in buying a bike, Absalon will have a second-hand bike market

the 31 of august 2022 in Kalundborg.

The prices may vary from 400 to 1000 dkr. You can also buy a bike at a local bike dealer or from other students through Facebook pages.

Have you never tried a bike before? Kalundborg Cycling club will come and teaches you to ride a bike on the 31 of august.