Project management (2024)

Course manager

Anne Louise Strange Vaarby

Semester schedule

Autumn (13-week period)



Language of instruction


Course type



Competences corresponding to semesters 1-4 of the programme Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology.


The course is focused on the tasks involved in being a project manager, project organization, and the special structural, cultural, and relational terms that are significant of projects.


The course comprises aspects related to project management in businesses and organizations:

  • Setting milestones and organization of projects
  • Management of projects, project planning
  • Risk analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Project portfolio management and governance
  • Agile project management

Learning targets

On completion of the course, the student is expected to be able to:


  • Account for theories, terms, and methods within project management
  • Reflection on the application of theories, terms, and methods within the structural and cultural settings of a proje
  • Insight into International Standard ISO 21500, Project programme and portfoliomanagement –Context and concepts
  • Insight into the International Standard ISO 21502, Projects, programme and portfolio management – Guidance on Project management


  • Apply methods and tools for project management in relation to the specific terms and relations within a given organization
  • Evaluate, prioritize, and make progress in the management-related tasks of a project


  • Be able to perform project management in relation to the objectives, performance, stakeholders, finance, values etc. for a given business or organization
  • Be able to communicate the management related tasks of the proect to people from various professions
  • Development of own practice in relation to project management

Teaching method

Seminars and group work

Qualifications for examination participation

  • Fulfilment of the requirements for compulsory participation as given in the study programme part 2.4.
  • Participation in all planned teaching activities

All shall be executed pursuant to guidelines set out by the course manager.

Examination and aids

  • Submission of individually prepared synopsis
  • Individual oral examination based on synopsis. Duration of examination: 30 min.

Permitted aids: Synopsis. No access to the internet.

The final marking will be an overall assessment of the written synopsis and the performance at the oral examination.




The 7-point grading scale