If you want to do studies or a traineeship abroad, then you have various scholarship opportunities.

Your always need to talk with your international coordinator about potential exchanges.

Your stay cannot prolong your studies, and for that reason, you are often eligible to receive a scholarship. If you are receiving SU, you can usually bring it with you.

Erasmus grants

Living costs


(3-12 months)


(2-12 months)

Traineeships after recent graduation

(2 – 12 months)

Higher living costs

(Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein and Norway)


€470 per month



€670 per month



€670 per month


Lower living costs

(Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia,  Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Tyrkey 


€420 per month




€620 per month




€620 per month


80% of the Erasmus grant will be paid to the student before departure. The remaining 20% will be paid once the student’s evaluation reports and final OLS language test have been submitted.

Please note that students who are going on an exchange (studies or traineeship) in their home country will be considered last for Erasmus grants, as the new Erasmus+ program aims to promote mobility outside of the student’s home country.


Make direct contact to your International Coordinator and ask if your programme has an exchange agreement, which gives scholarships for student mobility.

SU for Foreign Citizens and Scholarships

Foreign citizens, who are entitled to receive the state educational support (SU) for study programmes in Denmark, may also receive the state educational support for study periods abroad (SU).

Read more about SU as a foreign citizen here.

Read more about scholarships for study abroad here.

Traineeships for recent graduates:

The Erasmus+ program provides recent graduates with the option of completing a traineeship. Only a limited number of such grants will be awarded, and the size of the monthly grant will depend on the number of applicants.

The following rules apply to recent graduates interested in traineeships:

  1. The conditions and application deadlines for regular traineeships must be observed. 
  2. The application must be submitted before the student graduates.
  3. The traineeship must be completed within the first year following the student’s graduation.

Private grants

If you are applying for private grants it is a good idea to start the process early because many grants only have deadlines once or twice a year.

It can also be a good idea to make a template application if you are planning on applying for several grants as it can be very time-consuming to write applications. Of course the template application just needs to be adjusted according to the specific grant.

Read more about this here.

Useful links

  • EDU's webpage
  • offers a number af free articles as well as help with grant applications (subject to a fee)
  • The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme (SU)
  • Kilroy's site about cost and finances
  • Kilroy's site about scholarships for studies abroad

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