For students, who go on international exchanges, there may be various risks involved. It may be risks such as crime, political unrest, natural disasters or terrorism.

It is therefore important to be aware of the safety situation in the country, you are wanting to visit.

Guidelines regarding travel safety 

  • Since the Danish foreign travel advice webpage is not available in English, we use the British foreign travel advice website. If this advices against unnecessary travel, the stay cannot be approved.
  • If you are travelling outside of Europe, you must remember to send proof of a valid travel insurance which also covers home transportation. This must be sent to the International Office,
  • If changes in the travel guidance occur before your departure, so that traveling to the country is advised against, the stay will be cancelled. You will hold all expenses in regards to this. It is your own responsibility to stay updated on the guidelines.
  • If changes in the travel guidance occur during your stay so that traveling to the country is advised against, you will together with your international coordinator and the responsible person at the internship decide if the internship can continue safely. It is your own responsibility to stay updated on the guidelines.   

Before your exchange

  • Please remember to register emergency contacts in your application to go abroad. This could for example be your parents, partner, etc. If you have not registered this information, please send it to, before you leave on exchange.
  • We do not arrange exchanges in countries, where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not advice people to go. Since the Danish foreign travel advice webpage is not available in English, we recommend the British foreign travel advice website. Here you can look up the country you are wanting to go to. Alternatively, you can always contact the International Office or your international coordinator, if you have doubts.
  • University College Absalon recommends safety training such as PH Metropol's safety course (Danish).
  • Please ask you international coordinator if you have any safety related questions.

During your exchange

  • If you need anything during your exchange, you can always contact your international coordinator.
  • The Danish embassy (or your own home embassy) at the destination might also be of assistance, depending on the situation.
  • Generally, we always recommend you have your mobile phone on you, so you can use it, if you feel threatened or in case of an emergency. See our emergency number on the right.

What to do in an emergency

  1. Contact emergency services (police, ambulance, fire department) if necessary.
  2. Then immediately contact your local contact person at the traineeship/study place abroad.
  3. Call the international coordinator at your home department at University College Absalon.
  4. If you are unable to reach the international coordinator, then you can call the following emergency number: +45 76117060. The number is answered around the clock, and you will be put in contact with staff from the International Office at University College Absalon, who will advise you.

Contact us

International Coordinators

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Emergency number outside office hours

Emergency telephone number outside office hours
+45 7611 7060

This number should only be used by students on exchange or by their host, and only in case of emergencies such as serious illness, accidents etc.