Study abroad?

As a student at University College Absalon, you are encouraged to go on an exchange. There are numerous opportunities for studies or traineeships around the world - and on the following pages you can read much more about types of exchange opportunities, destinations, rules and regulations, funding etc.

Why should I do an exchange abroad?

  • It gives you inspiration – personally and professionally. Your horizon is expanded, and your competences are developed
  • It is an opportunity to challenge yourself and develop your intercultural competences
  • International experiences can make your CV stand out  

What do I need to consider?

There are many things you need to consider, when it comes to doing an exchange. By reading through the menu on the left, we hope to help you with some of your questions. Firstly, you need to consider:

  1. Do I want to travel within Europe, or outside of Europe?
  2. Do I want to do a traineeship or study abroad?

These considerations will among other things have an influence on whether or not you can get financial support, and how long you are able to be abroad etc.

Application deadline

April 1st for the autumn semester.

October 15th for the spring semester.

Click here to apply. 

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If you are going on a shorter stay, for example a study trip or summer school, please use the application form here

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+45 7611 7060

This number should only be used by students on exchange or by their host, and only in case of emergencies such as serious illness, accidents etc.