Credit Transfer and Assessment of Prior Learning (RKV)

Application for credit transfer

If you are able to document that you have acquired competencies corresponding to the competencies / objectives for learning outcomes for subjects / courses / modules, you can apply for credit transfer.

Mandatory credit transfer

When you are enrolled in a higher education programme, a mandatory credit evaluation will be carried out before the study starts. A mandatory credit transfer entails that you as a student will not have to assess and decide whether or not you want credit transfer.

Application deadline for applied credit transfer

At least 8 weeks before the start of the module, semester or study year with subjects/ courses / modules for which the credit transfer is applied.

If the student applies for credit transfer for internship at the Teacher Training or Social Education Programme, special deadlines apply:

The Teacher Training Programme:

The 1st of April for internship the same autumn.

The Social Education Programme:

The 15th of April for internship starting on the 1st of December the same year

The 15th of October for internship starting on the 1st of June the following year.

Dispensation from the admission requirements and assessment of prior learning for the Teacher Training Programme

Application form for dispensation from the admission requirements for subjects in the Teacher Training Programme

Application form for assessment of prior learning in the Teacher Training Programme and the Bachelor of Education Programme.

Please note: The application form and al documentation should be enclosed as one PDF file