Counselling and Guidance outside Absalon


The purpose of the Student Counselling is to offer social, psychological and psychiatric counselling and treatment to students in the higher education programmes in connection with their educational situation. The aim is to help the students in the target group through the programme without unnecessary extension – and without unnecessary dropout. The Student Counselling team consists of psychologists, social workers with further psychotherapeutic education and psychiatric specialist consultants.

Departments in Copenhagen, Roskilde, Odense, Kolding, Aarhus, and Aalborg

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TUBA offers anonymous and free therapy and counselling for people in the age between 14 and 35 years who grew up in families with alcohol or drug abuse.

TUBA is found in Holbæk, Slagelse, Vordingborg, Kalundborg, and Næstved.

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Legal advice and Legal aid at Absalon

You can get free legal advice by email or phone: 

Write Helene at or call her at 53 73 71 79

Helene is subject to duty of confidentiality, and you can therefore talk to her or send her an email in confidence.

Helene Treschow, a family lawyer from a Danish law firm, offers help to everyone at Absalon who needs counselling within the field of family law.

This could be concerning moving together with someone, getting married or having a child.

It could also be concerning moving away from your partner or getting divorced. If you have children, you may have questions about custody, abode and visitation.

You may need to know where you stand with and without a prenuptial agreement, cohabitation contract or testament.

The Legal aid service (Advokatvagten) is managed by volunteers.

Helene says:

”A single conversation can make a world of difference for the wellbeing of the individual. Problems in your private life can have a big impact on your life as a student and on your general wellbeing. Many people refrain from contacting a lawyer because it is expensive or because they have heard that lawyers are formal types of people who you do not quite understand. However, you are always welcome to write or call me or to book an appointment. I always advice and guide at eye level and at a compassionate level and not least in an understandable language. I take pride in making a difference for the people I meet on my way”.

Student priest

The Student Priest, Ulla Pierri Enevolsen, is available for personal conversations for the students at Absalon. The conversations may be about different aspects of life (grief, anxiety, anger, loneliness, suicide, faith, prayer, exhaustion, identity, the feeling of not being good enough, relationships etc.). The Student Priest has her own office at Roskilde University (RUC)

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Headspace is free and anonymous counselling for children and young people. In Headspace, there is always someone to talk to about everything imaginable. Some may want to talk about e.g. anxiety, bullying, problems within the family, sadness or loneliness. Others need practical support for e.g. cooperation with the municipality, the school or others. Nothing is too small or too big for getting help in Headspace. 
It is up to you to decide what to talk about, and what you need help for.

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Ventilen is a voluntary organisation that helps lonely youngsters finding their way into the community. All offers are driven by young volunteers who make sure that it is nice and safe to participate in Ventilen.

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RED Counseling - Ethnic Minority Youth

RED counseling (Ethnic Minority Youth) provides professional counselling to young adults, parents and professionals concerning honour-related conflicts. The team constitutes one of the strongest resources in the country within the field of honour-related issues.

Through anonymous counselling for young adults and parents, exchanging of knowledge with professionals and general information to the public regarding honour-related conflicts, the team works towards minimizing honour-related conflicts in the community

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