Student counseling

Guidance regarding your study

The Student Counselling is here for you. At the Student Counselling, you can ask questions, talk about your thoughts, opportunities and worries in connection with your programme – whether it concerns physical, mental or social subjects. In short, everything that affects you, your programme and your learning. This may take place at your Campus individually or in a group, by phone or email. The Student Counselling also offers different workshops on e.g. study techniques, exam training and career opportunities.

The student counsellors are subject to duty of confidentiality.

You can book an individual conversation with your student counsellor - you do this in the box at the top right.
And we have "Open student counselling", see the opening hours on the right, under the individual campus.

You can also call +45 7248 1010. the Student Counselor telephone, that is open

  • Monday and Thursday
    9.30 - 11.30 and 13.00 -15.00
  • Tuesday

Finally, you can write to us by email, where you can get in touch with your student counsellor.

Special support (SPS)

If you have a documented impairment which entails that you need special support in order to complete your education, you can apply for the special support (SPS).

The purpose of the support is to provide compensation so that students with metal or physical impairment can complete their education at the same level as their fellow students. The special support is only assigned as special pedagogical aids and forms of support that enable the student to complete the education.

There is no special support for the coverage of living expenses, transport costs etc.

If you need to talk to a student counsellor about the special support (SPS), you can contact us, see more here

Special support (SPS)

The good student life

Get good advice on how to deal with lack of well-being, stress, loneliness, perfectionism and skipping actions.

Workshop about the good student life and study techniques 

What: the student counselors invite you to a workshop about the good student life: balance and well-being. They will also be offering you effective study techniques.

When: Thursday 27 April at 14:30-16:30

Counseling and guidence outside Absalon

If you need free psychological help or a free lawyer, se more here

Workshops at Campus Kalundborg: Mastering Exams! and Study Techniques and Balancing Student Life

Master your exams!

Join Absalons student counsellors on a workshop on mastering your exams.

The workshop will take place in Kalundborg on May 4, 2023 from 3-5 pm i room B1.01.

You can sign up for the workshop here

we look forward to seeing you!


Study Techniques and Balancing Student Life

On this workshop Absalons student counsellors will share techniques, tools and advice on how to balancing life as a student.

The workshop will take place in Kalundborg on May 17, 2023 from 3-5 pm in room B1.01.

Register by sending an e-mail to 

we look forward to seeing you!