Bachelor project (2024)

Course manager

Samuel McEwen Walsh

Semester schedule

Autumn (13-week period)



Language of instruction


Course type



Disciplines equal to 180 ECTS including all compulsory course disciplines that must be passed prior to the commencement of the bachelor project. 

Disciplines equal to 190 ECTS must be passed before the student can be signed up for the final assessment of the bachelor project.

Further information on the bachelor project in relation to process, project contracts, supervision, access to laboratories etc. can be found at StudieNet. 


The bachelor programme in engineering is completed by a bachelor project that shall demonstrate the student's ability to apply engineering theory and method within well-defined discipline-specific boundaries.


Project work comprising an independent, experimental, empirical and/or theoretical treatment of a practical problem of an engineering and biotechnological content. This can be in collaboration with a relevant business or as an element in a development project.

The project work can be performed by a group of max. 2 students. 

Learning targets

On completion of the course, the student is expected to be able to:


  • Perform routine engineering work within the discipline
  • Communicate the results of a project in writing – to professionals and to other target groups, such as e.g. clients
  • Present project results orally and in writing 


  • Manage and perform a larger project procedure with regards to resources and time
  • Involve relevant scientific methods and technical literature in the solution of a complex problem
  • Define and find solutions for an engineering-professional challenge
  • Integrate for instance social, financial, environmental and health-and-safety consequences in a solution
  • Take a critical and reflective view of the bachelor project's methods and results
  • Be able to communicate the phases of the project and the results in a scientific report, which has a concise abstract, a thorough discussion and perspectives that applies correct use of references 

Teaching method

Project supervision

Qualifications for examination participation

  • Participation in compulsory seminars

All shall be executed and submitted pursuant to guidelines set out by the course manager and project supervisors.

Examination and aids

  • Submission of the project report
  • Individual oral examination. Total duration of examination: 1 hour. Comprising an oral presentation of the project as a whole. Duration of presentation: 20 min.
  • Language of examination will be English
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, such as chatbots like ChatGPT, in the writing of the project report or in the preparation of the oral presentation are completely forbidden

Permitted aids: Project report and presentation.

The conclusive assessment is an overall assessment of the project report together with the performance at the oral examination. 




The 7-point grading scale