Engineering internship (2024)

Course manager

Christian Møller Pedersen

Semester schedule

Spring (20 weeks)



Language of instruction


Course type



All compulsory courses at the first four semesters of the programme must be passed prior to the commencement of the internship


The objective of the internship is that the student, in connection with the performance of assignments of an engineering nature within the framework of a private or public business, will:

  • Get an insight into how assignments of an engineering nature are solved in practice, and also gain experience on how learned theory is applied in the solution of such assignments
  • Acquire good working habits, good collaborative skills and a comprehensive overview of engineering in industry
  • Be motivated to take an engineering approach to disciplines and project work during the subsequent part of the programme

Get an insight into how an organisation is designed as well as how one works with safety and health issues


Practical engineering assignments 

Learning targets

After the engineering internship, the student is expected to be able to:


  • Explain the engineering profession
  • Understand the organisational, financial, social and work-related circumstances pertaining to a business


  • Reflect on and translate learned theory as regards the way in which engineering assignments are solved in practice
  • In a written report, create an overview of work assignments, projects and objectives of own learning


  • Hold his/her own at a work place within the professional field of engineering as regards collaboration with different professional groups, communication, due process and administration
  • Perform engineering assignments of common occurrence within the profession, focusing on collaboration and a holistic approach
  • Actively and professionally contribute to the solution of engineering project work
  • Assess their own learning requirements for the remainder of the study period 

Teaching method


Qualifications for examination participation

  • Submission and acceptance of internship plan
  • Held internship meeting as well as submission and acceptance of minutes from this meeting
  • Internship workplace attendance in compliance with course requirements
  • Submission of internship report

All shall be executed and submitted pursuant to guidelines set out by the internship coordinator, supervisor, and the internship workplace. 

Examination and aids

The internship shall be accepted on the basis of the following:

  • The internship workplace's assessment of the trainee's internship process, comprising whether the trainee has complied with his/her duty of attendance
  • The internship report