Study Trips

When you are going on a study trip with a duration of more than 14 days, it is possible to apply for a grant from The International Office.

The grant can be used for covering hotel and transportation expenses and the The International Office grants up to DKK 1500 per student.

If you want to apply for the grant you must:

  • Be registered - this can be done through the top right link
  • Fill out and sign this form and send it to
  • Attach original receipts for the expenses you have had. If you e.g. have bought a plane ticket, you can attach the electronic receipt, but if you have bought something where you have received an actual  receipt you must send the original one - a scanned version is not enough.   

NOTE! The International Office does not cover expences for Airbnb, Uber or other sharing services.

Other Types of Short Stays

In addition to longer studies or traineeships abroad, it is also possible to do shorter stays abroad.

This could for example be:

  • Summer schools
  • Intensive programs (typically 1-2 weeks)
  • Research for assignments
  • Conference participation

If you want to go on a short stay abroad, you have to submit an application - follow the link on the right side of your screen.


Clik here to apply.

NB! The application form only works in Google Chrome and Firefox.

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