The structure of teacher education (LU13)

The teacher education consists of common subjects, teaching subjects, specialization modules, internship and the professional bachelor's project.

You must have three or four teaching subjects. A teaching subject qualifies you to teach the same subject at school. You therefore become an expert in teaching precisely the subjects you choose.

As a student on the international teaching line, the teaching subject English is mandatory.

Subjects and modules (LU13)


Fundamental professional qualifications

The teacher's basic qualification consists of the following modules:

• General education

• The student's learning and development>

• General teaching competence

• Special education

• Teaching bilingual students

Teaching subjects

At Absalon, we offer several teaching subjects over the four-year period you train to become a teacher.

See structure for all years: Education structures 2020-23  (up to date november 2023)






Specialization modules

Several specialization modules are included in your study plan.

Internship (LU13)

In the program, there are a total of three internship periods spread over the four years.

Bachelor project (LU13)

You finish your education by writing a professional bachelor's project on a problem statement you have chosen yourself and which you find interesting to investigate further.

Your problem must be based on a problem from the school's practice that you want to go into in depth.

You will receive guidance and teaching in connection with the professional bachelor's project and you have, as something new, the opportunity to write the professional bachelor's project either alone or in a group of a maximum of two.

The competency goals for the professional bachelor's project are: "The student can identify, research, develop and perspective teaching-related issues", which implies knowledge and skill goals that enable you to carry out independent empirical studies and relate to other research within the investigated area.

You must therefore both have knowledge of survey methods and carry out a survey yourself. Against this background, the professional bachelor's project as a subject is divided into two modules; Bachelor module 1 and Bachelor module 2.

The professional bachelor's project has a total of 20 ECTS points and is completed in the 4th year of study by an oral external test, where an overall individual grade is given for the written project and the oral performance.