Dialogue forum

NOTE See meeting minutes further down

At Absalon, the systematic dialogue and involvement of our students is important, and as an organization we prioritize the following on the programs 

• that initiatives and dialogues about both the academic and the social study environment are taken close to and together with the students on the individual programs<o:p></o:p>

• that there are forums at all times with representation of both students, teachers and the education management

• that regular and relevant meetings are held on well-being, motivation, social and academic quality issues related to the individual education, including that dialogues on quality include data from the students' evaluation of the teaching

• that students are involved in structured agenda-setting dialogues

• that the students are represented across year groups as far as possible

• that the education evaluates the dialogues

• that the training initiates concrete initiatives as an outcome of the dialogues

• that the students are informed at all times about the contact person, meetings and process in relation to student involvement in the individual program.