Guidelines for internships where special circumstances apply

The Danish Health Authority has clarified the guidelines that are applicable for students with special circumstances. The new guidelines are applicable from May 10, 2020 and replace the former guidelines from April 15, 2020. This means that some students that before have worked from home can now meet at their place of internship.

  • You shall as a starting point, follow the internship’s instructions. Are you as a student in doubt about what the guidelines mean for you, so take contact to your place of internship. 
  • As a student in a special risk group, you should as a starting point, hold your internship as planned, but should not be exposed to obvious risks of infection. 
  • In special cases can persons of higher risk, based upon an individual and medical assessment, be exempted from the demand to meet physically at the internship. This is decided based upon a concrete medical evaluation where alternative possibilities for reassignment to other work conditions shall be considered.
  • If the student in cooperation with the place of internship has reached the conclusion that one should not meet up at the internship due to special circumstances, the student shall fill-out a declaration of truth, which is to be sent to the internship and education. Read more about this further down on the page.

You can contact your internship coordinator at the education in order to clarify any eventual questions about your internship situation. Moreover, you are of course always welcome to contact Absalon’s Corona hotline on weekdays from 8.00-15.00 via e-mail or tel. 72 48 30 40.

How to fill out a declaration of truth

  1. Copy the below text.
  2. Open your Absalon-mailbox and paste the text in a new mail.
  3. Tick off the point that matches to your situation.
  4.  Send the mail to your internship as well as to your education.  

Declaration of truth


Declaration of Truth:

I confirm that I cannot meet physically at my internship because:


☐ I have shown symptoms of being infected with COVID-19, and have not yet been symptom free for 48 hours.

☐ Based upon a medical assessment I have been made aware that it is not responsible for me to meet physically at the internship. I can show documentation of this assessment.

☐ I am pregnant in the third trimester (23 weeks).

☐ I live together with a child or adult that is a member of a ”special risk group” as defined by the Danish Health Authority, and I have within the last week been in contact with a medical authority (for example a consultant), that has assessed that it is not health-wise advisable that I meet physically at my internship. 

I am aware that I am not exempt from being in my internship, but that I have to participate in my internship with an activity designed by my internship, so I can be qualified to take part in the associated exam.

The above is confirmed by faith and law to be in accordance with the truth.

I am aware that it can have serious consequences for my further education, for example expulsion, if it is later on shown that I have contrary to the truth submitted this declaration.