FAQ - Face masks

From Thursday October 29, 2020 and tentatively until April 6, 2021, everyone - students as well as staff - must wear a face mask when moving around on campus.

In general face masks must be worn:

  • upon arrival at campus
  • when moving around the campus, e.g. in the canteen, corridors, on the way to the toilet, in the library and other common areas.
  • in special subject rooms. 

Face masks can be removed when sitting down in e.g. normal classrooms, canteen or group work.

There may be special cases where a person is exempted from using a face mask, etc. due to special circumstances. This must be respected.

Find the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the use of face masks below. 

What should I do if I cannot wear a face mask due to special circumstances?

If you are not able to wear a face mask due to special curcumstances e.g. illness or anxiety you can instead use a visor. 

If you are not able to use either a visor or a face mask you are not required to present documentation/doctor's certificate. 

We encourage you to inform your teacher if you are exempted. 

From week 45 you can get a free badge at the Front Desk at your campus. The badge will show that you are exempted from wearing a face mask. It is meant as a help, and it is not a requirement that you use this badge. 

Can I use a visor instead of a face mask?

It is okay to wear a visor, HOWEVER, we recommend that you use a face mask as we follow the Danish Health Authority's recommendations.

A visor does not fit tightly to your face and the quality may vary, which can affect the level of protection. Therefore, a visor is only recommended in certain situations if you are not able to wear a face mask. 

A visor is of course better than nothing, but a face mask offers better protection - for yourself and others.

Which type of face mask should I use?

A type I face mask will protect you and others. Wear a factory-made CE-marked disposable face mask if you are at a higher risk of being infected with Covid-19, or if you are going to be with someone at higher risk. 

In other situations, you can wear a good fabric face mask as an alternative to a disposable face mask. 

Can I reuse my face mask?

The Danish Health Authority recommends that you do not use disposable face masks for more than four hours. The mask must be changed if it gets dirty, wet or similar. 

If you are only going to use your disposable face mask briefly you can reuse it. For example to go to the toilet, or if you are going from one classroom to another.  

In these cases, it is important that you store your face mask in a plastic bag or an inner pocket. It is not recommended that you place your face mask on a table and reuse it afterwards. 

Disposable face masks must be put in a litter bin. Fabric face masks must be washed at 60 degrees after use. 

Does Absalon provide face masks?

The expanded use of face masks in society means that students will in future pay for face masks themselves - also for use in special subject rooms. 

You are able to buy face masks at the Front desk (at Ankerhus in the canteeen). The price is DKK 5 per mask and DKK 50 for 10 masks.

If the cost of buying a face mask is too large an item in the SU budget, you as a student have the opportunity to pick up free face masks from your local municipality.

I can not afford buying face masks - what should I do?

If the expenses for buying face masks are to high, you as a student have the possibility to get free face masks at your local municipality. 

Can we be closer than one meter to each other when wearing a face mask?

No, the face mask or visor is not a replacement for the other recommendations regarding distance of one meter, good hand hygiene etc. 

Therefore, continue to remember to keep two meters distance to each other - whether it is in your study group, in classes, in the corridors  to and from classrooms, in the canteen etc.